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Our Story

What separates humanity from the animal kingdom is our use of tools. Over many centuries, the blade has been a weapon of protection, wielded by warriors, and utilized in our own homes as we prepare sustenance. The knife is a symbol of survival and ingenuity, and we believe that everyone should have access to high quality knives at an affordable price. After all these years of civilization using and perfecting our knives, many of us are still wrestling with cheaply made knives every day. In fact, if you hate cooking, the trouble could be that you’re using a knife that makes every kitchen task frustrating. Trimming a piece of meat for the grill should be quick and easy. But a poor knife that isn’t shaped for the task, and isn’t sharp and strong enough, can make chopping and carving take twice as long. 

That’s why we started Kioro Knives, a one-stop place to compare the fine craftsmanship of knives of all kinds from all over the world. Just one knife can change how you experience cooking, because the weight, sharpness, and balance of it will make every slice smooth and effortless. Whether you’re cooking for yourself, to entertain family and guests, or running a commercial kitchen, we have the knife that will revolutionize your work.

Tough steaks and fillets come from using a sawing motion with a dull knife, but our knives will smoothly slice through meats of all kinds with tender results. Our boning knives will help you remove bones from poultry and fish without wasting the meat, instead of spending long periods of time wrestling with the knife to do your bidding. If you’ve ever made sushi and tried to slice the roll with a cheap knife, you know how frustrating it can be to get every piece right. With our sushi and sashimi knives, you’ll have no problem creating beautiful platters of tender, delicious sushi.

Order just one of our knives, try it out, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ve become a wonder in the kitchen. You’ll surprise yourself with accomplishments you never thought were possible, and serve fresh food faster. Finally, you can enjoy the ease of effortless slicing, dicing, chopping, trimming, and butchering. 

Kioro Knives are sharp knives for sharp people. If you’re ready to take your kitchen skills to the next level, start browsing our collection now!



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