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Paring Knives

stainless steel paring knifeTo choose the perfect paring knife requires understanding the art of intricate knife work. No kitchen is complete with a paring knife, because it has the all-purpose value of every small task, from cutting a quick end of cheese to hulling a bowl of strawberries. The skilled chef can peel an apple with just a paring knife in moments and has mastered holding it without slipping. It is ideal for precise projects like de-veining shrimp, removing the seeds from Jalapenos for making delicious stuffed peppers, and easily removing the tops of tomatoes. Our paring knives come in many sizes and materials: choose delicate ceramic for soft foods, or stainless steel for high versatility. 

When you choose Kioro Knives, you're declaring that sharp people deserve sharp knives. Browse our collection of paring knives for the quality your kitchen requires.



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