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Our Most Popular Knife Sets for 2019

In our blog post from June, we tackled the question: Are expensive knives really worth the price? The answer can be tricky to answer directly - especially when we're selling such high-quality knives for such low prices. How much should you expect to pay, when you're looking for a great deal?  Before looking at the price, it's important to always verify the value of the knife set. The price tag is no indicator of quality. The first thing to check for is the materials and design of the knives. Each handle should be durable and securely balanced with the blade. These features are always a feature of Kioro knives, where we insist on bringing top-quality materials to the lowest possible price....

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Three Keys to Including Kids in the Kitchen

Do you remember what it was like for an adult to make you feel welcome in the kitchen? Many of us came to love cooking because as children, food and how to make it was a process that fascinated us. We wanted in on the everyday activities of creating something delicious. Perhaps an aunt or uncle taught us how to make a favorite family recipe, or remember the frustration of being barred from the kitchen for being "too young."Reflecting on our own childhood memories, both the good and the bad helps us to know how to interact with the children in our lives. The kitchen is an exciting place to be for kids, but it can often carry with it...

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5 Things We Can All Learn from Gordon Ramsay

The man is known for yelling obscenities in a British accent, Gordon Ramsay, started as a mere line cook. It's been twenty-three years since he won his first Michelin star for his own restaurant, Aubergine. During this time, he has risen from local fame in the UK to win the attention of the US and gained international infamy. His story is inspiring chefs everywhere to pursue excellence and develop a passion for food.

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Why Good Knives Can Save More Time than a Microwave

Have you ever ended a busy day, and felt like cooking a fresh meal is the most difficult task in the world? It's so much faster to just put a frozen meal in the microwave. Besides, it's less of a mess. There's nothing wrong with using a microwave - it's not going to put radiation in your food, as some fear. However, processed food, like an instant dinner, is no match for home-cooked food. The flavor alone is more tempting, not to mention the health benefits of fresh ingredients. A good knife takes a frustrating, slippery attempt to trim a little skin off of a chicken breast, to preparing a gourmet salad in minutes.  What if you didn't have to choose...

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