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Damascus Steel vs. Stainless Steel

"No two Damascus knives are alike. In fact, each knife is one of a kind and valuable as an expressive work of art." -Knife Informer   As you explore our expansive inventory, you may notice that not all of our knife blades look alike. Some have a totally consistent and solid reflective appearance. Others come with a nearly wood-like grain in the blade, the result of layering many layers of steel together. Which is the superior type of blade? Which type of knife would most complement your kitchen? In this article, we answer the question of layered steel vs. mirrored steel: what the differences are, what to look for, and which to buy.  What is stainless steel? Hardened steel is...

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Bringing Bright Colors to Your Kitchen: Our Most-Loved Knife Set

The results are in, and it's official that customers who bought our set of German Colorful Kitchen Knives are impressed. Featuring six knives of different colors that are beautifully designed with bold black-accented handles, it's no surprise to us that people love this deal. With a perfectly balanced weight between the handle and blade, every knife is designed to put you in total control. The look is stunning and comments worthy, and we think you'll love this set as much as our other buyers did! Gorgeous Appearance Rich, deep colors grace the blades and handles of these knives. Each is a different color - there's a black chef's knife, a white chef's knife, a red boning knife, a bright blue...

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Why Kitchen Knives Should Matter to Knife Enthusiasts

If someone excitedly says, "Hey, you want to see this cool knife I got?" The expectation is that you'll see something the flips out, the blade carved to show the shape of Batman's symbol, with enticing colors and the latest in knife fashion. 

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