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Gadget Spotlight: Knife Cap - The Secret to Easily Chopping Through Bones

You don't have to press mercilessly into the palms of your hands with the back end of a cleaver anymore. If you work with large fish, red meat, or whole poultry, this is great news for every time you'd use a bone chopper. We're excited to announce the Knife Cap, an inexpensive little tool that will make everything in your kitchen involving flesh and bone easier. 


How it Works

At first glance, it looks like a large button with some kind of clip on the end. Just slide the clip onto the back of your cleaver blade, and you're ready to start chopping. Rather than putting the palm of your hand directly on the back of the knife to force it through bones and joints, press down on the knife cap instead. It's very strong and durable, made mostly of stainless steel with a pastel green plastic top. 



How to Chop Through Bones

Even with your handy knife cap around, bones can be a bit tricky. Experts recommend that you do the following whenever you need to chop through bones:

  1. Have a non-slip surface and heavy, thick cutting board. 
  2. Position the meat that needs to be chopped so that there are no obstructions in your workspace. 
  3. Use a power grip on your cleaver (this means wrap your hand around it, not the same delicate grasp as you'd use with a chef or kitchen knife). 
  4. Position the food close to the handle, not toward the tip of the blade. This will give you more control. 
  5. Chop firmly to lodge the blade firmly in the meat. Let the weight of the blade do the work, rather than trying to hack with the force of your shoulder and elbow.
  6. Once you reach the bone, use a steady seesaw motion back and forth across the bone until you've sawed through it. This step is where the knife cap comes in the most handy. 
  7. For smaller bones, like for chicken, duck, and chopping off fish heads, step six may be skipped. 

Our selection of bone choppers ranges from curved blades to flat blades, from stainless steel to high-grade carbon steel. We have heavy bone choppers that are best for the wide bones of pork and beef, wide blades for chops and rib racks, and others with finer edges for cleaning large fish.

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