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Cut-Resistant Gloves: An Advanced Precaution for Industrial and Home Kitchens

Cut Resistant Gloves An Advanced Precaution for Industrial and Home Kitchens

Knife safety is no unfamiliar thing for a cook. We know, of course, to point the blade away from ourselves while using or cleaning knives. But even skilled cooks with a trained eye slip from time to time. Cut-resistant gloves are comfortable, flexible, breathable, and a safeguard like nothing else while handling sharp knives.

The risk of accidental cuts increases wheanti cut glovesn you use knives a lot. If you're running a restaurant or cafe, there are a lot of people using a lot of knives, often under pressure to complete menu items and fill orders in a reasonable amount of time. The rush of a kitchen is fun and energetic, and there's an entire back-of-house language to warn people when you're holding something sharp.

"Hurting yourself in the kitchen isn’t just for newbies," Joe Yonan said in his Washington Post piece about knife injuries being a risk for both home chefs and professional chefs. It also says that over 330,000 knife accidents at home were reported in 2011. Cuts from knives and box cutters are a draining cost to employers, and a source of pain and lost time for the employees. 

I will never forget the day that, after years of working as a dishwasher, prep cook, and line cook, a new employer handed me a cut-resistant glove. From the outset, I felt that it would be safe for me to work as quickly as I would need to in the kitchen.

cut resistant glovesFor employers and executive chefs ordering in bulk for a professional kitchen, this is a smart and inexpensive investment that can save you possibly thousands of dollars in workplace injury liabilities. 

When choosing a cut-resistant glove, it's important to have a pair that fits you well. Check out our gloves with a variety of sizes to choose from. Mix and match, buy in bulk, and save!

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