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Are Expensive Knives Really Worth the Price?

Are Expensive Knives Really Worth the Price

It's an age-old question, and one the Internet often fails to answer. Knives can be expensive, but you can find a plain set of cheap knives at your local store. What's the difference?

On the Kioro Knives blog, we've discussed what goes into a basic set of knives and how to choose a great set for your kitchen. But why are our knives worth the price, and what exactly are you paying for?

High-Quality Materials

High quality material

At Kioro, we offer a wide range of quality blade materials. You'll find inexpensive stainless steel knives and ceramic knives, all the way to high-end hand-forged carbon steel alloys. We always compare pricing to make sure that you're getting the best offer for these quality materials, instead of overspending with other brands. German and Japanese kitchen knives can cost between $300-$400, but we want everyone to be able to afford a fantastic knife, so you'll find that even an entire 5-piece set of folded Damascus steel knives is only $239 right now at Kioro. 

Time-Tested Forging

The signature appearance of our Damascus steel knives comes from an ancient folding technique that originated with Japanese sword-making. The metal is forged, heated, and folded over to create many layers of a highly durable alloy that will sharpen to a finer point than regular stainless steel. While there are many products in our folded steel and steel alloy collection, our stainless steels are also chosen for excellent quality. 

Long-Lasting Design

If you've ever bought a set of knives for under $10, you'll know that they do the trick...if you're willing to do a lot of struggling and sharpening. Thin, cheap blades will need to be replaced in a few months, and will still need to be sharpened several times. Ultimately, you're paying for items that will last for many years, instead of buying low-quality products over and over. 

Professional Durability

When you're looking for reliable, professional knives for a staffed restaurant kitchen, you'll want knives that are durable. Ones that can withstand use all day, every day, without much need for maintenance. It's also important that these knives be not too expensive because businesses have to stretch their budgets. For this reason, we encourage you to check out our basics for professionals, where you can get reliable products without breaking the bank.

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